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Don’t Let A Broken Norge Appliance Get In Your Way- Call The Experts

Norge is a leading manufacturer of refrigerators, freezers, and other household appliances. Norge appliances are also popular in the northern United States and Norge appliances can be serviced by a Norge appliance repair company near you.

A.R.E Appliance Repair is here for your Norge appliance repair needs. We are a Vancouver, BC-based appliance repair company that has been in this industry for decades. That’s what makes us an experienced and trusted service provider. Hence, you can rely on us with your Norge appliance repair service needs.

What Are The Norge Appliance Problems Can We Help Fix?

Like other appliance brands, Norge appliances are prone to certain problems. For instance, ovens are prone to having issues with both the heating element and the control panel. Norge dishwashers are likely to have problems with the door latch or the motor. Nevertheless, whatever the problem is, our experts can fix it while ensuring the safety of your devices. 

Here’s a list of Norge appliance repair jobs we were frequently entrusted with: 

  • Norge oven heating element repair
  • Norge oven control panel repair
  • Norge dishwasher door latch repair
  • Norge dryer heating element repair
  • Norge refrigerator repair 
  • Norge washer repair 

When these types of Norge appliance problems arise, it is best to hire professionals rather than attempting to repair yourself, and that’s what here we are for! Tell us about your Norge appliance issue; our competent experts will fix it in no time. 


Vancouver, BC’s Best Norge Appliance Repair Expert

Norge appliance repairs are best left to professionals who specialize in Norge appliance repairs. Our Norge appliance technicians are trained to diagnose and perform any Norge appliance repair work.

The team of A.R.E Appliance repair is committed to providing the best service for your appliance repair needs. We take pride in our work and will always do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with the result of any Norge repair job. If you have an appliance that has malfunctioned, give us a call today!

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